Hello world!

Well here we go my first Blog entry! With a bit of encouragement from my friends at the Scrappin’ Patch forum I have taken the plunge and started my own BLOG. So Hi girls!

Its been a busy day with a nice relaxed start as its my day off then it was off into town for groceries and to take Zoe to the Doc. Its a virus! Typical waste of time and  money but at least I know shes OK.

My man and eldest arrived home from Boys Brigade and Baz said you wont believe your son! Oh Boy what now I thought. Well the leader was asking the young fellas what they had done in the holidays, they all had their turns and Jordan is sitting at the back with his arm up too. Mrs Leader starts to go on but Jordan is still sitting there with his arm up which by now he is supporting it with the other arm still trying to get Mrs Leaders attention. Ok Jordan what did you do in the holidays?           Nuthin’

Come on Jordan you must of done something. Yup I got up, had breakfast and went back to bed to play Playstation. But wait I said You did something else for a whole week I said. He looks at me blankly

You ate Easter Eggs. Oh Yeah he said grinning. Can you tell he’s a teenager!

Well that wasnt so hard but thats it for today. See you soon!


4 comments on “Hello world!

  1. Welcome to the world of blogging!
    Your eldest sure sounds like a teenager – aren’t they a breed of their own!
    Have added you to google reader looking forward to reading your blog.

  2. Hi Lisa great blog you brave girl I am still debating wether to start one up or not I am such a cowardy custard…

    • Come on Jane you can do it! I think it will actually help with my scrapbooking because its like a diary and will remind me of what Ive been up to when it comes to doing the journalling and it wasnt that hard to set up really. Ive still got all my hair and everything!

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